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venerdì 23 febbraio 2018


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In Indonesia, Many Islands and Many Faces In Indonesia, Many Islands and Many Faces

In Indonesia, Many Islands and Many Faces

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From Papua to Bali, this sprawling country offers beauty, intimacy and great deals for travelers.
Donmatías, la Roma paisa Donmatías, la Roma paisa

Donmatías, la Roma paisa

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En un principio en el siglo XVII, este municipio fue ocupado por colonos provenientes de Santa Fe de Antioquia, quienes llegaron al territorio a explorar minas y a desarrollar la agricultura. Más tarde, en el siglo XX, el municipio cambió su vocación

Imagen sensorial de Medellín

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¿Cuál es la imagen sensorial que tienen los turistas de Medellín? La investigación sobre la percepción sensorial que los turistas extranjeros tienen de Medellín, pretende indagar a qué huele, a qué sabe, con qué sonido característico y con cuál imagen asocian a la ciudad; para obtener insumos para una marca de ciudad.

The hotel industry: Life is suite

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UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Time to fix patents Fly Title:  The hotel industry Rubric:  Hotel chains are thriving, for now, thanks to innovation and a bit of luck Location:  NEW YORK Main image:  20150808_WBP001_0.jpg THE 41-storey clock tower at Five Madison Avenue was once the domain of insurance clerks working for Metropolitan Life. Now, the building in New York is a swanky hotel, called the Edition, where beautiful people air-kiss in the lobby. The hotel sector has undergone a similar switch from toil to glitz of late. Arne Sorenson, boss of Marriott, an American hotel firm that owns the Edition brand, says that business has rarely been better. The hotel industry ought to be in a worse state than a hung-over guest who has drained the minibar. The financial crisis caused commercial-property prices to collapse and rooms to remain vacant. Hotels have suffered relentless disruption from the internet. Online travel ...

Egypt’s tourism firms: It’s murder on the Nile

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KARIM EL SHARKAWY, the boss of Tarot Tours Garranah, one of Egypt’s biggest tourism operators, clocks in every morning at the firm’s offices in Cairo, and expects his staff to do the same. Strict timekeeping is a new experience for his employees. But the company, like its rivals, is having to do all it can to contain costs as it suffers a fierce downturn with no end in sight.
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